The Studio

David Luria design studio is a leading studio for Cross Platform user experience design. Providing start-ups and software companies with project consultation, UX vision & design on Apps, Web and mobile applications, Software interface, Educational platforms, Unity environment Games and post production for Tv broadcasters.

Our Clients

Our clients are all creating edge technology and ideas. from the smallest (one man) startups to big Software companies around the world.

The studio has a vast experience in User Experience Architect - for multiple devices - mobile, web and desktops products and Apps.


working with a big software company is different than working with a small 1-5 employees start-up. the needs are different, the budget is different and time to market and deadlines are specific to each client.

we adjust to each of our clients needs by providing them a package that meets their goals.



Founder: David Luria


Studio address: Sirkin 18 St Givatayim, Israel

Call: +972-54-795-0458


Skype: luriadavid