Our Mission
David Luria Design Studio is a small group of digital design experts who are joining forces, minds and hearts, in each of our projects. This unique blend of creativity and professionalism helps us deliver the best possible UX and digital products to our clients from around the world like Microsoft, Ctera, Sunbit and many more global companies who put their trust in us again and again.
Were based in Israel and working with global teams and companies on a daily basis
What we do
  • 01 Complicated Webapps
  • 02 Digital branding & Identity
  • 03 Websites
  • 04 Apps
  • 05 Management systems
  • 06 Design systems
  • 07 Front End development
  • 08 Content & marketing strategy
The total amount of fund raising of our client's between 2017 and today
The Team
David Luria
UX Architect & Creative
Batia Luria
Financing manager
Kirill Trukhin
UX & visual Maestro
Brian Weisz
UX & Branding Superstar
Gilad Izrael
Digital Warrior
Dmitriy Kovalskiy
Coding Knight
“Learning something new is easy. Letting go of an older understanding is the hard part.”
“Live in the leading—the spaces in between the rules.” –
“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”
“The force is strong with this one.”
“Be mindful of your thoughts Anakin”
“Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever”
Experts and Partners
Rafael Zarfati
Brand Strategy
Assaf Cohen
Brand & Design entrepreneur
Omri Spector
CTO Develeep
Dori Kafri
CEO Develeep
Tal Schweiger
Copywriting & Strategy
Amir Zano
Compositing & Motion graphics
A small selection of our customers
Let’s talk.
As good as it is to look through our website, we’d love to talk to you face to face about our work, what we do and how we could help you.