from beginning start-ups to big software companies:

consulting meetings and guidance on User Experience, Creative, Visual design and Branding 

who could use it:

Small start-ups in their first steps towards investment or Alfa/Beta product:

  • Help in planing and maximizing a small budget to the best visual outcome in the shortest time possible
  • Creative meetings for those who already have a young designer in the team but not completely sure their doing it right or just want an expert's point of view
  • Professionally designed Beta mockups in a short time
  • how to find a good mobile development studio to meet the budget and needs
  • User experience best practice and guidance

Big software companies:

  • Creative guidance for those who have in-house studio but feel it's just might not be great as they wished for
  • Brand Strategy
  • Help in healing and facelifting old designs to fit the updated look and feel they look for

Why do i need it? 

  • Being a start-up is a stressful experience and can sometimes be very confusing if your not well experienced in the process. it is crucial for you to have an expert's point of view to guide you to best practice, usability and design so you don't end up waisting your time and money by doing it wrong.
  • Big high-tech and software companies usually keep an in-house creative department but don't always have the right in-house creative guidance to make a best product. having an expert's look at things will make a huge change in a small time.
  • Owning a Start-up doesn't make us professional designers. we all need an expert's view, an experienced designer who knows what he's doing from start to end. someone who can see the big picture and see the product an part of a whole concept and not just graphic slides. these meetings can focus you on the product's usability, behavior, design, and overall quality.


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