Our Clients



Our Clients

the largest international tech blog outside the u.s.

located outside the U.S., focusing on global innovation and highlighting startups from across the world. In addition to our in-house content, Geektime’s startup contributor network provides a voice to non U.S.-based startups, which comprise some 80% of the global startup market. We are their primary voice to investors, entrepreneurs, fellow geeks and tech enthusiasts, helping them cut through regional boundaries and compete in the global marketplace.


screen selection

We worked hard perfecting every content asset and every post block, font size, alignment, hierarchy of content, text color and line height to deliver the readers a Print quality magazine with Fresh user experience

sort by location

We created a unique search and filtering experience providing important data during search


SORT BY categories

We created Category pages with smart cross site rules and behaviour  


Print quality article structure

We refined every asset, type, colors and graphics to get a perfect reading experience with pixel perfect Html rules for all of the article assets 


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