Exhibitions & CONFERENCES

the ipac conferences

ElMindA has been chosen to showcase at The 2014 AIPAC conference in front of 14,000 people, took place March 2nd-3rd 2014.


CONFRENCE materials



“Our vision is that our brain health will take a more significant part in our general health,” said Gadot. “With assistance of tools like ours, we will be able to better monitor the health of our brain on a regular basis and develop better treatments.”






THE general electric CONFERENCe

We won first place in the brain prize international contest and chosen to present to the General Electric high management



us president meets elminda team during his israel visit 2013

During a visit to the Israel National Museum with Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday, March 21, President Obama saw up-close six Israeli technology innovations as part of the “Israeli Technology for a Better World” exhibit hosted by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Among the technologies that were carefully selected by an expert panel to showcase Israel’s most transformational innovations was ElMindA’s Brain Network Activation or BNA™.


PRESIDENT shimon peres

israeli PRESIDENT MEETS experiences elminda's technology, june 2013

President Peres experiences ElMindA’s Brain Mapping Technology – at the Presidential Conference Brain Science Exhibition “STATE OF MIND”