Evolvement is the key to a better product. Analyzing, refinements and improvements can only be done right over time. 


The work never ends

The work on a new or existing product never really ends. design issues, improvements, analyzing and working with development teams is a core part of your product's lifeline. Our retainers allow us to help you refine these over time. Instead of one engagement with OTC, we become a part of your team. This allows us to analyze the results of the produc over time and hone them in for the best ROI possible. 

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100% Productivity-No waste

The team you have access to would cost around $250,000 a year if it were in house. The reality is that you do not need that many hours of work dedicated towards your product, yet. With the retainer program you only pay for the hours you need, and nothing more. If you only need 10 hours a week, that is what you pay for. The best part is you still get the creative power and efficiency of the $250,000 team at a fraction of the cost.

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Working with UX designers can be a frustrating ordeal since you expect them to magically see into your head and translate your product thoughts into a fresh, unique, wow experience. Luckily for us David has this knack
— Ziv Koren, CMO Mobeeart